Drive Technology Configurator Selection Tool
Configuring Drive System Products

The Drive Technology (DT) Configurator supports you when selecting the optimum products for your application – starting from gearboxes, motors, converters as well as the associated options and components up to control systems, software licenses and connection systems. Whether with little or detailed product knowledge: You can easily, quickly and efficiently configure your particular drive using product group preselectors, targeted navigation through selection menus or by entering item numbers directly to select the products.

In addition to all of this, comprehensive documentation can be called up in the DT Configurator, comprising technical data sheets, operating instructions, certificates as well as 2D/3D dimension drawings. The products that you selected can be directly ordered by transferring a parts list into the Industry Mall.

DT Configurator to Efficiently Configure
  • Quickly and simply configuring drive components
  • Configure drive systems for pumps, fans and compressors applications starting from 1 kW up to 2.6 MW
  • Selection from a wide range of products
  • Comprehensive documentation
  • Support for retrofit projects
  • Can be directly ordered through the Industry Mall
System Requirements Includes: