The products of SIEMENS Geared Motors and etc.


K Power Engineering is approved partner of SIEMENS providing SIEMENS Motors SIMOTICS including Standard Motors and Explosion-Proof Motors.
All our motors are shown as 400 V as the nominal standard. The IEC 60034 regulations state that the nameplate data is only valid at the specific given voltage. In practice, all listed 400V motors may be used at connection voltages 400 V± 5%. The motors will function well, although there would be deviations from the have a sticker in addition on the cowl as standard giving the nominal connection voltage as 400 V± 5%. According to the standard, motors can also be operated at 400 V± 10% (Category B), only longer operation is not recommended.

SIMOTICS GP – Standard Motors 1LE0 (CHINA)

SIEMENS SIMOTICS GP 1LE0 efficient series motors are cast iron casing universal totally enclosed fan-cooled three-phase asynchronous motor, protection class IP55, 1LE0 motor designed and manufactured in line with ISO, IEC, GB and other related standards. Using 1LE0 motors, customers can save up to 10% more!
1LE0022 option LINE is available.

SIMOTICS GP – Standard Motors 1LA and 1LE1

Light and compact – SIMOTICS GP With their light, compact aluminum frame, SIEMENS SIMOTICS General Purpose motors are predestined for pump, fan and compressor applications as well as for cranes.
1LE15, 1LE16, 1LE10 are available.

SIMOTICS XP – Explosion-Proof Motors 1MD5

In many industrial and public sectors, explosion protection or explosion hazards are ever-present, e.g. in the chemicals industry, in refineries, on drilling platforms, at petrol stations, in feed manufacturing and in sewage treatment plants.
1MD5, 1PS5, 1PS1 are available.