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Helical worm geared motors
The conventional solution for your drive application
Helical geared motors are the conventional solution for your drive application. Helical gear units are coaxial units where the gear unit output shaft is inline with the motor shaft. A solid shaft is always used as output shaft. Additional components – e. g. gear wheels or chain wheels – to transfer the force to the driven load are therefore required. Solutions utilizing helical geared motors are capable of an extreme variable speed range. In many cases, helical geared motors represent the most cost-effective solution for your drive task.

MOTOX helical geared motors are available for the power range up to 200 kW and rated gear unit torques up to 20 × 103 Nm.

These geared motors are available in the following versions:
  • Foot-mounted and flange-mounted designs
  • Solid shaft design

MOTOX helical gearboxes are part of the MOTOX modular system. With bevel helical, parallel shaft, helical worm or variable speed gearboxes, three-phase motors with and without brakes, this system covers all possible drive combinations, right up to the electronic variable speed drive.

MOTOX helical gearboxes are designed for continuous duty. The gearbox housings made of gray cast iron or aluminium are developed in 3D CAD and have an optimized structure in terms of rigidity and vibration absorption. Radial shaft seals with dustprotection lips prevent oil from leaking out of the housing, dust and water from entering it. All the gear wheels are milled and their surfaces hardened. The tooth flanks are ground or honed so that they are convex and corrected in terms of the profile.

MOTOX helical gearboxes are of 1-stage, 2-stage and 3-stage design. The MOTOX helical gearbox series can be supplied in foot-mounted or flange-mounted design for mounting in any position. Flange housings can be supplied with an integrated housing flange (C type). Combined foot / flange-mounted design or foot-mounted housings with housing flange are available on request.
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